Research & Development

We know that the world we live in changes on a daily basis, and this gives rise to new needs and demands. As far as health is concerned, this changing universe requires a great quality leap in terms of animal cares and disease treatments.

Aware of this challenge, at Labyes we are constantly preparing to lead those changes. For this reason, all our efforts are focused on finding solutions that contribute to improve the daily experience of veterinary health professionals, their clients, and patients.

Labyes own development milestones

Continuous research and a careful application of technological advances are fundamental pillars for us to deliver on our promise of giving the very best. So much so, that the scientific works carried out have not only contributed new knowledge to the profession, but also support the development of important solutions for the veterinary clinician.


We pioneered the development of medicines with Silymarin, a powerful natural antioxidant that protects the membranes of liver cells and helps in their regeneration.


We conducted the world’s first use case of Azithromycin for dogs and cats, as an antibiotic against bacterial infections and to eliminate coccidiosis.


We created the geriatric medicines category by developing the first natural antioxidant formula specifically designed to delay aging signs in dogs and cats.


We manufactured the first medicinal Chondroitin Sulfate in the market of veterinary products for small animals. This product replaces cartilage losses in osteoarthritis- and arthritis-related pathologies.


We break new ground in treatments for otitis, by using a basic PH that enhances the antibiotic function of Ciprofloxacin.


We are forerunners in the creation of evanescent dermatological treatments with high water content.


We have achieved the unprecedented application of an oily excipient in ophthalmic solutions, resulting in greater persistence and coverage of the eyeball, while reducing the application frequency.


We are ranked first worldwide in the development of ophthalmologic drugs with Chondroitin Sulfate, a natural component of the cornea and responsible for keeping it hydrated.


We are world pioneers in the incorporation of Pyriproxyfen into an anti-parasitic formula, whose dosage guarantees an effective and safe treatment for both the animal and the environment.


We have developed the world’s only Spot On treatment for dogs that, thanks to the innovative transdermal penetration of Praziquantel, controls intestinal parasites (nematodes and cestodes), in addition to fleas and ticks.