We know that public health is a challenge for the least favored sectors of the society. Thus, to the extent of our ability, we strive to support local communities in the markets in which we participate, by promoting a positive impact on the quality of life of their animals.

For this, we seek to respond to medicine donation requests from reputable non-governmental organizations committed to the development of the veterinary profession and/or animal care.

This is evidenced in the support we have provided to various organizations, shelters and educational institutions throughout all these years, donating therapeutic, educational and scientific products.

To learn about the requirements to receive these donations, click here.

Donation of electronic equipment

In keeping with our commitment to environmental care, we work together with organizations such as the Recycling Workshop of Equidad Foundation, which, among others, refurbishes out-of-use computers into equipment ready for donation to schools and organizations in Argentina. By conducting yearly reviews of our electronic equipment and systematic donations, we join the efforts to shorten the digital gap and lessen the environmental impact of electronic waste.