Quality assurance

The continued trust and recommendation by health professionals and users of our products are our greatest achievements. Well aware of this, we aim to continue offering always the best, guaranteeing high quality and effectiveness of the products that arrive in the hands of our customers.
In pursuit of these purposes, our production processes are certified by independent international organizations, and audited annually to meet the requirements of markets and countries with the highest standards. We thus seek to minimize the impact on our environment based on the premise of “one world, one health”, which is why we have implemented the international environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015.
We have implemented an internationally recognized quality management system (QMS) standard: ISO 9001: 2008. This is a standard that certifies that the infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources used are those necessary to guarantee an effective customer service, and maintain proper quality standards for our products.
All our facilities and production processes meet the requirements of the cGMP International Standards (current Good Manufacturing Practices). Strict compliance with these regulations ensures that medicines are produced and controlled in accordance with the appropriate standards for their intended use, because all of the variables that may affect the end quality are matched.
In order to certify that we have in place a strict control over all our processes and services to reduce the environmental impact, based on our Quality and Environment Policy, we have adhered to ISO Standard 14001: 2004. Therefore, we ensure the protection of our environment and prevent pollution, in view of the socio-economic needs, and in line with the increasingly demanding international legislation.