The most natural and effective solution for a healthy liver.


Trihepat, protector and regenerator of the hepatic cell, with choleretic and cholagogic action. Reactivates and enhances hepatobiliary functions. 100% natural origin. No contraindications or adverse effects. Consisting of Silymarin, an antioxidant from milk thistle (Silybium marianum), Choline and Methionine.
Its formulation is characterized by:

  • At the hepatic level: Protects the hepatocyte membrane, preventing congestion, degeneration and lysis. It acts on phagocytes of the Reticuloendothelial System (SER) improving its detoxifying action. Regenerates the hepatic parenchyma, preventing fatty liver and cirrhosis.
  • At the Biliary System level: favors bile formation and excretion (cholagogic and choleretic action).


Each 100 ml contains:
Silymarin 0.6 g
DL-Methionine 8.0 g
Choline bitartrate 8.0 g
Excipients q.s. 100 ml


  • Acute and chronic liver diseases of diverse origins, as support to specific therapies.
  • As prophylaxis in therapies with various medications (antiepileptics, antimycotics, antibiotics, corticosteroids, etc.) or various pathologies (hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, carcinogenesis, etc.) that lead to fat degeneration, with subsequent cirrhosis of the liver parenchyma.
  • Accidental poisoning.
  • Fatty liver of unknown etiology.
  • Infectious conditions and gastrointestinal disorders of various origins. Cyclic vomiting syndrome.
  • In the presence of biliary sludge and/or cholecystitis.
  • In biochemical alterations of the hepatogram.

Dosage and Administration Routes:

Oral. Therapeutic dose: 4 ml for every 15 kg of weight, 3 times a day. Treatment is continued for as long as hepatocyte aggression remains, or until function is restored. Decreased hepatic enzymes may be used as parameter. In the absence of clinical symptoms, a preventive dose may be administered: 4 ml for every 15 kg, once a day.
Pack - Trihepat
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