Protech Dogs

The evolution of spot-on parasiticide. Protects your pet and your home


  • Protech Dogs, advanced external antiparasitic.
  • Its formula with 4 active principles has potent adulticide effect with fast knock-out power, enhanced repellent action and photo-stable environmental control, with cumulative and residual effect.
  • Exerts direct control on the immature forms present in the environment (floors, beds, carpets, armchairs, etc.).
  • Prevents flea, tick, mosquito and diptera stings in general.
  • Prevents the proliferation of vectors and the diseases they transmit.


Each 100 ml of product contains:
Imidacloprid 10.0 g
Permethrin 40.0 g
Piperonyl Butoxide 3.0 g
Pyriproxyfen 10.0 g
Excipients q.s. 100 ml


  • For the control of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and their immature forms, disrupting their biological cycles in the environment.
  • Monthly application of the pipette is recommended to effectively control adult external parasites that affect dogs, as well as the eggs, larvae and/or nymphs found in the environment.
  • Enhanced repellency.
  • Indicated for use in dogs as of 10 weeks old and 1 kg in weight, lactating females, and sick or debilitated animals.

Route of administration:

External spot-on use. Direct application on the skin, within a distribution area, between shoulder blades and pinnae.
Pack - Protech Dogs
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