Labyderm Premium Cover

Regenerating ampoule. Promotes integrity of the cutaneous barrier


LABYDERM Premium Cover, ampoule for in-depth restoration of the cutaneous barrier.
Its exclusive formula contains components that actively participate in epidermal repair:

  • Ceramides and proceramides: sphingolipids that cement the skin barrier.
  • Extract of Onopordum acanthium: stimulates skin regeneration and healing.
  • Vitamin nanospheres: nourish and protect the skin, in depth and for longer periods.
  • Extract of Calendula Officinalis: relieves itching and irritation.
  • Modified urea and extract of omega-3 fatty acids that improve skin hydration.


Extract of Onopordum acanthium 3.0 g
Ceramides 3.0 g
Extract of Calendula officinalis 2.0 g
Hydroxyethyl urea 2.0 g
Extract of Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1.0 g
Nanospheres with vitamins A, E, F 1.0 g
Proceramides 0.5 g
Disodium EDTA 0.2 g
Excipients q.s. 100 ml


  • Labyderm Premium Cover is indicated to protect and deeply nourish normal skin, reducing the damage caused by daily exposure (UV rays, pollution, microorganisms, irritants, etc.).
  • It is also recommended for repairing damaged skin; in generalized lesions due to skin pathologies, or more focused lesions such as burns, irritations, excoriations, and to promote skin healing.
  • As an aid in treatments of various dermatopathies, with the purpose of nourishing and repairing the cutaneous barrier while attacking the etiological cause.

Dosage and Administration Routes

  • One ampoule per week is indicated in the first month, and one ampoule per month thereafter. You can resume the weekly plan if necessary (dermatopathies) or increase frequency at the Veterinarian’s discretion.
  • If the patient is in the first month of treatment and should be bathed more than once a week according to professional recommendation, it is advisable to apply Labyderm Premium Cover after the first bath, and use Labyderm Bioforce spray after the next bath. Repeat this mode of treatment every week of the first month.
  • Spot-on or pour-on ampoule, for application on the back of the animal.
Pack - Labyderm Premium Cover
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