From a Pet’s View: “What a great holiday season?”

How to show our pets this can be the best holiday season for all the family members.

Holiday season is coming, bringing a whirlwind of changes in our family’s routine, and when we say, “our family”, we also refer to our pets.

Dogs and cats feel these changes, so for them to have a happy holiday season, there is specific care that we should consider.

“Oh no! Strangers are coming”

Puppies, old animals and, specially, cats, “suffer” when visitors come home. They commonly get stressed when finding the house full of strange people invading their spaces (even the backyard), and taking them off their regular routine. It is important to give them space where they can be alone, sheltered from noises and “invaders”.

“If I can… I eat everything”

Pets also take this holidays time to quit diet. You should pay attention that your dog or cat do not feed on the scraps that fall from the table, and avoid that a favorite uncle or children feed your pet. Also, pets love plastic containers with food scraps, so take the precaution of leaving them out of reach. Bones, greasy meals or food with mayonnaise, and sweets, are not allowed for animals, since they may produce gastroenteritis to them.

“Body to earth!” “We are under attack!”

Pyrotechnic is barely funny for humans. Animals live that experience in a very negative manner; it is like a war. The stress and, literally, the panic they undergo, expose them to changes which may even put their lives at risk. Also, the fear and the permanent circulation of people around the house may predispose your pet to escape from home. So, you should give your pets an adequate “bunker”, a space where they can feel comfortable and safer, and where you go to supervise now and then.

“It wasn’t me, I swear…”

Explosions produce a great deal of anxiety in our pets and, in their desperation, they may have a very strange behavior, which may lead them to destroy everything they found on their way. Therefore, we should avoid leaving pets in places with fragile things, or with things that may hurt them. In their pursuit to escape from chaos, pets may break different things, from a window to our favorite couch, and they can also hurt themselves.

“I only get some relax”

Sedatives are a good option to calm the anxiety in these moments. What is important is that such practice must be supervised by your Vet, since the doses will depend on the animal’s weight, age and the medical prescription. We should avoid giving medicines for human use, since they may have a totally opposite effect in pets than the intended one. Certain animals with cardiac problems cannot take any type of sedative; therefore, it is very important to know how and what to give them. The objective is to tranquilize your pet, not “anesthetize” them, so all the suggestions provided in this article should be considered, as well.

“…and if we play for while?”

Remember always, and specially during the holiday season, that play time and going for a walk together will help your pet to get a bit “tired”, reducing their stress levels. And this is also an excellent excuse to burn extra calories!

By: Mrs. María Belén Villar, Responsible for Technical Communication at LABYES