Each cat has their own lifestyle What’s your cat like?

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They spend long hours lying on their favorite couch

They’re curious and very friendly

They spend most of the day outside with their friends

They enjoy playing with toys and games at home

They sniff around the most unusual places

They love looking for new adventures

They’re your faithful friend when you sleep

They always come back to spend time with you

They enjoy hunting birds, lizards and insects

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We introduce you to our product line


What’s Feline made up of?


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How should I apply Feline?

Feline’s applied directly to the skin by parting the fur at the nape or withers. It’s important to apply the content of the spot-on product on 2 or 3 different spots. We explain how to do it on this tutorial!


Open the spot-on product as directed.


Part the animal’s fur so that the skin is exposed.


Apply the content of the spot-on product directly to the skin on 2 or 3 spots from the nape to the withers.

We recommend applying it once a month throughout the year.

If your cat inadvertently licks the application area, they may experience increased salivation. This effect is short-lasting. However, if your pet has any other unusual sign, visit your vet.

It’s important that you deworm all your pets at the same time in order to prevent parasites from spreading and affecting the unprotected animals. Therefore, use one Feline spot-on for each cat at home.

Although Feline prevents your cat from getting stressed due to its easy application, some pets may be more sensitive to excipients. Monitor your pet and visit your vet if you notice any unusual sign.

If your cat inadvertently ingests part of the product, visit your vet to treat symptoms.

Your pet may have any of the following signs (most of which are temporary): generalized tremors, dilated pupils, abnormal breathing, excessive salivation and, very rarely, vomiting.

We introduce you to our product line


Feline: method of administration and mechanism of action

Eliminates “unspecified” scabies mites

Easy and convenient application. No stress to your cat.

Eliminates fleas that transmit tapeworms, feline anemia and other diseases

Prevents parasite eggs from spreading to the environment

Eliminates Dypilidium caninum tapeworms

Eliminates Ascaris, Ancylostoma roundworms


Topical administration

Protected patients,
safe families

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