What’s Feline made up of?


It belongs to the group of avermectins, substances that are strong compounds against insects, mites and helminths, on which neural inhibition is mediated by gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Ivermectin increases said action, resulting in flaccid paralysis and eliminating such parasites.

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It’s a synthetic derivative of isoquinoline-pyrazine with activity against cestoda and trematoda by altering their cell membrane. Praziquantel causes a tetanic contraction of the muscles that kills them. It doesn’t eliminate the intermediate host (flea).

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It’s a neonicotinoid that stimulates the nervous system of insects by binding to their nicotinic receptors. Imidacloprid leads to the depletion and elimination of insects. In addition, it’s a flea-control product with a fast knock-out action that eliminates the intermediate host of Dipylidium caninum that infects cats.

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Feline: method of administration and mechanism of action

Eliminates “unspecified” scabies mites

Easy and convenient application. No stress to your cat.

Eliminates fleas that transmit tapeworms, feline anemia and other diseases

Prevents parasite eggs from spreading to the environment

Eliminates Dypilidium caninum tapeworms

Eliminates Ascaris, Ancylostoma roundworms


Topical administration

Protected patients,
safe families

Feline Endospot

Internal antiparasitic product


Feline Fullspot

Internal + external antiparasitic product


Feline eliminates roundworms, tapeworms, fleas and mites

Feline protects the whole family

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