Efficacy of a topical antibiotic-chondroitin sulfate solution in the therapy of recurren corneal erosions: a preliminary report

To determine the efficacy of a topical chondroitin sulfate ophthalmic solution in the therapy of recurrent corneal erosions in domestic animals.

All animals diagnosed with recurrent corneal erosions were considered eligible for the study. Diagnosis of corneal recurrent erosion was based upon the presence of a superficial epithelial defect that retained fluorescein, non-adherent epithelium adjacent to the lesion periphery, and minimal stromal involvement. Erosions associated with significant corneal oedema were excluded from the study. Under topical anaesthesia, non-adherent epithelium was removed manually with cotton-tipped swabs at the initiation of treatment. Eyes were treated topically with a 100 mg/ml chondroitin sulphate and 3 mg/ml tobramycin ophthalmic solution ([email protected]; Labyes S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina) 3-4 times daily. Patients were revaluated at 2 week intervals from the start of treatment for a total of 4 weeks. Erosions were considered healed when the cornea did not retain fluorescein and no epithelial folds were evident by biomicroscopy.

To date, 52 eyes have been included in the study. Forty- nine dogs, 1 cat, and 1 rabbit have been treated. AII patients had unilateral lesions, except one dog that presented with bilateral erosions. Patients had been treated by referring veterinarians from 1 to 90 days (mean 41 days) prior to presentation. After 2 weeks of therapy, 59.62% (31 of 52) of erosions had healed and after 4 weeks, 78.85% (41 of 52) of erosions had healed. The 11 erosions that had not healed after 4 weeks of therapy were treated with a multiple superficial punctate keratotomy and a soft contact lens. Following this treatment, 100% (11/11) of erosions healed within 14 days.

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