Canis Endospot

Broad spectrum spot on dewormer


  • Canis Endospot is an endoparasiticide for spot-on application that offers 30 days of active protection, not requiring frequent repetitions or digestive tolerance.
  • Its effective formulation eliminates internal parasites that frequently affect dogs. Moxidectin, which belongs to the group of Milbemycins, stands out for its anthelmintic and acaricidal effects. Praziquantel, a synthetic derivative of Isoquinoline-Pyrazine, acts against trematodes and cestodes.
  • Canis Endospot allows for internally deworming canine patients in the most practical and least invasive way.


Each 100 ml contains:
Moxidectin 3.5 g
Praziquantel 10.0 g
Excipients q.s. 100 ml


  • Canis Endospot is recommended as of 8 weeks old and 1 kg in weight, for treatment, control and prevention of internal parasitosis caused by nematodes and/or cestodes.
  • The treatment is applied in a single dose. The time between applications is 30 days or at professional discretion, depending on the parasitosis to be controlled and/or the risk of contracting them.
  • Can be used in lactating females, debilitated or sick animals, including those with digestive intolerance.

Route of administration

Canis Endospot is applied spot-on, directly on the skin, in a distribution area from neck to withers, to prevent product licking.
Pack - Canis Endospot
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