Founded by Veterinarians, Labyes was born in 1985 with the mission of contributing to public health and daily clinical practice by providing innovative solutions for the welfare and health of pets.

First 30 years

Over more than 30 years we have being developing, based on constant research, products that are innovative not only for their components and active principles, but also for their pharmaceutical formulations. Thanks to this, we have not only reached important milestones in this area, but also created new concepts and categories in the veterinary medicine market.

Giving the very best means excelling ourselves on a daily basis; this is why our production processes are regularly audited by international certification entities since 2000, guaranteeing the excellence of our products and services.

The quality of our medicines is widely recognized by the veterinary professional community in each and every country we operate. Today we are proud of this recognition, which we have achieved with effort and dedication.

From an increasingly consolidated position in Latin America, we continue to strengthen our presence in different emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East. Thus, we keep working to expand our horizons, and reach more and more professionals and homes around the world.