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We are a company specialized in veterinary medicine for pets. For more than 30 years we have develop solutions to preserve the health of animals and improve their quality of life; based on constant innovation, passion for quality, the optimization and certification of our processes, and commitment towards the environment.

our values

We give the very best

We form the best teams with the best professionals. In every challenge we face, all of us contribute our experience and creativity in search of solutions of excellence. In short, we lead our initiatives, which not only implies the commitment of carrying them forward and sharing them with our peers, but also the exchange of knowledge that enriches and inspires us all.

Damos lo mejor
Somos confiables

We are reliable

We establish strong and lasting relationships, based on trust and respect. We form alliances and partnerships based on our code of ethics, which guarantees honesty and transparency in each of our words and actions.

Together we achieve more

We actively participate in the resolution of common goals to accomplish, without any doubt, shared achievements. We work collaboratively, which is why we favor the synergy between the different areas of specialization. Through an interdisciplinary vision, we promote open dialogue, and the exchange of knowledge. Thus, we contribute to the continuous learning of our network and each one of its members.

Juntos logramos más
Saber y hacer saber

Knowledge and shared knowledge

We believe that knowledge must be accessible and applicable to practice. Therefore, we are committed to research and/or foster research, promoting the progress, and sharing studies and other relevant materials that contribute to the science and practice of Veterinary Medicine. Likewise, we are moved by a desire to translate these advances into actions and concrete solutions for the community, to facilitate the work of each professional and each pet owner, thus contributing to public health and the care and welfare of animals.

One world, one health

The health of our families, the animals we live with, and the environment in which we conduct our activities is one. When we interfere with one of these factors, we inevitably affect the others. Therefore, we carefully track each of our activities and processes to ensure an efficient resource management, in accordance with our goal of preserving public health, protecting the environment, and providing the best quality of life to animals.

Un mundo, una salud